Ryan Foerster, "Raccoon Trap"


59 Raccoon Trap, 2015


47" x 20" x 9"


The third and final chapter in the Raccoon Trilogy.  "59 Raccoon Trap" was the original trap that Eneas and I found in the garbage of 59 Franklin Street -the building where his gallery and my studio is. He was just getting the gallery and someone in the building had thrown
out this box. It has the building address on the side. 
The first raccoon trap sculpture i made was the first National Exemplar show at the Franklin St. location. It hung in the window. The second Raccoon trap sculpture (Model for a Raccoon Trap) was shown a year later in the show "Plastic Bag in a Tree (Michelle Segre, Steve di Benedetto & Ryan Foerster)".
So this is the final one ---the end of the raccoon saga! -Ryan Foerster